Our engineering division, at your request, is capable of implementing different preferences for your order. Below are the currently available and well-organized services that we can easily provide you with. Depending on the size, complexity, and availability of materials, time and price may vary. Consult us, and we will give you a complete understanding of what it will look like for your project.

Custom orders

We can customize a variety of non-standard projects for you.

– Part fitting of any complexity – If it doesn’t fit, we’ll make it fit.

Production of custom tuning (design, visualization) – On your order we can design custom tuning and show you how it will look like before installation


If something is wrong with your appliances we can fix it, quickly, reliably, durable like it was never there

– Reinstallation of incorrectly installed body parts – We’ve got straight hands, everything’s gonna be just right.

– Chip repair – make your machinery look its best

– Body repair, full and partial coloring – If you wish, we can take care of more serious repairs to your vehicle.

Making it look even better

Even if your machinery is fine, we can make it perfect. 

– Vinyl and ppf film bodywork – Preserve the exterior of your vehicle from splinters, stones, light and other scourges of nature that would normally empty your wallet or damage the condition of your vehicle.

– Body polishing – Prevents corrosion, removes minor scratches, makes your car look better, makes you happy and many more other things

Additional installation

– Installation of any body tuning parts (dodger, body extensions, spoilers, headlight covers, etc.) – The availability of a huge number of tools and access to any factory for the production of parts, allows us to make the desired for you car without problems

– Installation of all sorts of accessories in the cabin and on the body – Japan is rich in various car accessories, so it is only a pleasure for us to fill your car with this items

– Sale and installation of speed boost – vroom-vroom…

Coming soon...

That’s not all! Our team is still working on our services, so stay in touch with us and stay tuned! There will be more and even cooler in the future. Also, if you have any suggestions or wishes, don’t hesitate to ask us. We are open to new things and do not stand still. Do it either via a contact form or any other convenient way to contact us: WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Gmail, etc.

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